I see a whole lot of #damus users wishing they could see the #polls. Let’s pool some sats together and assign a bounty for it on bountsr.org to get the functionality as soon as possible. At least 200k sats, more if we can. We can reach this fairly quickly if we ⚡️and share.

Gek: https://iris.to/note12tdvrnwn56yh7s0ysuf6tlhekdk5eplu9xxpwfx80zzv2xk9kndqkydqc6

Ralf submitted 1MM to Gek: https://iris.to/note1ljtq9l42qhk4z3tc42rgw0l3jaq7cxe4cn4hdxstyc968c7e39asdffkcf https://nostr.build/i/nostr.build_d21b5d82cf3ca68f3018000f8b7cfa3d23a96bf4cc2cfcf9d8671827c744a51b.jpeg https://nostr.build/i/nostr.build_03fcaa0aaf168f27b82b5820d74e913ddd98fa9c5d3b0d65389089f4dd10edd7.jpeg