Port the Telegram Desktop client to make it work with Nostr.

Remove all the cluft, networking stuff, widgets, stickers, audio, video, calls, bot-related things, phone numbers. Adjust settings so they are related to Nostr.

Just NIP-04 + NIP-42 chat.

But leave the room open for public group chats, then other experimentation, like having “channels” that represent Nostr filters of kind-01 messages.

If you don’t want to use Telegram, mention me on Nostr (npub180cvv07tjdrrgpa0j7j7tmnyl2yr6yr7l8j4s3evf6u64th6gkwsyjh6w6/nprofile1qqsrhuxx8l9ex335q7he0f09aej04zpazpl0ne2cgukyawd24mayt8gpr4mhxue69uhkummnw3ez6ur4vgh8wetvd3hhyer9wghxuet5qyw8wumn8ghj7mn0wd68yttjv4kxz7fww4h8get5dpezumt9qy38wumn8ghj7mn0wd68yttkv4exjenfv4jzuam9d3kx7unyv4ezumn9wslzm9ln) and we can chat in public (I don’t use Nostr DMs currently).