Nostr Marketplace

Super simple platform to buy and sell digital products. Consumer-grade, focuses on ease of use and clean UX.

Bounty: 8 million sats
Bonus bounty: 2 million sats (depending on how much progress you make into the bonus territory)

Open to additional funding, if you wish to contribute to this idea, please DM for now.
 Core Functions:

  1. List products for sale, locked behind payment invoice.

  2. Generate an automatic invoice that can be easily referenced or searched

  3. Once invoice is paid, product URL is auto-delivered to customer / or just unlocked for download I don’t think the product needs to be hosted on the platform, although if you figure this out, even better. I think for V1 a centralized hosting place with a link is fine (perhaps you’d need a password to access?) Ideas welcome. Check out NIP-068!

  4. Product listing storefront - personal storefront with your profile, shows all of your products for sale (clickable, purchasable)

  5. User / storefront / product discovery - a way to explore other stores to see what else is for sale (perhaps sortable or searchable)

  6. Ability to sign up (generate new keys) or use existing keys (login)

  7. Integration with popular wallets (pick one for now). Eventually I’d love to have built-in wallets so everyone who signs up automatically gets one, but this is not a requirement for this bounty.

  8. Ability to communicate with customer (perhaps via the same DM they got the link in?) A nicely styled inbox would be cool that makes it easy to find customers by invoice # and perhaps sortable by product names

Each store would have its’ own URL, preferably a nice short one that you can share.

Product fields:

  • Cover Image
  • Title
  • Description
  • Upload / link to file (prefer upload, and hopefully support for multiple files)
  • Additional images (bonus, but not required for bounty. I’d love to be able to have an image gallery).
  • Bonus: ability to pin positive notes / reviews to the product note.

Bonus: Nice onboarding flow, sign up > list product > live. Bonus: NIP-05 identifier area (perhaps settings) Bonus: Looks good out of the gate (perhaps with Tailwind UI or something) Bonus: Built-in viral loops that auto-share purchase (if selected in options) Bonus: ability to embed in a website Bonus: show total number of sales in the storefront

Open source obviously.

Product listing inspiration: (visual aspects only, no NFT junk)